PROXIME Translation Agency
We translate all types of documents (certificates, education documents, statements, reports, powers of attorney, contracts, medical documents, agreements etc.), academic papers, abstracts, texts for websites, advertisements and other materials, and provide editing and proofreading services!  


We offer written and oral translations, as well as translations with a certification by a notary or a translator.  

Notarized Translation – this service is necessary for official validation of the translated document.  This kind of certification confers the translation a legal validity. To have this certification, you need to deliver the original document to our office. The document  should be completely executed and legally valid. It must contain the following information:

●  title of document 
●  issuer of document 
●  date the document is issued 
●  place the document is made, issued and signed 
●  signature (s)  

Translation certified by translator –   the document is signed and sealed by a translator and is approved with office stamp. Any document which is authorized by a translator is valid and can be used as an official translation, but it is recommended to check the level of certification required by the organization for which the translation is intended.