Can I order a translation certified by a sworn translator?

Many translation agencies state on their websites and in their offices that the services of a sworn translator are available, which is incorrect. In Latvia, the institute of sworn translators does not currently exist, and thus offering the service of a sworn translator is illegal. There is currently no certification of translators or interpreters performed either. In many countries, there are certified and sworn translators and interpreters, which is why you may be asked to provide such a translation. In such a case, we offer to certify the translation with the translator’s signature. This means that the translation is certified by the translation agency with the translator’s signature and the agency’s stamp. Such translations are prepared in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 291 dated 22 August 2000 "Procedures for the Certification of Document Translations in the Official Language". Translations in foreign languages are prepared in a similar way. Nearly always when foreign organisations do not require a notarised translation, such a translation certified with the translator’s signature serves the purpose. This better be clarified with the organisation where you are planning to submit the translation. Should you have any questions, please contact us, and we will help you figure it out!